ROBOlympics trial: The Yacht Race

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The Doane College Department of Information Science and Technology hosted the sixth ROBOlympics trial event on Wednesday, November 16, 2005. Trial events are used to prototype the robotics challenges that are used in the annual ROBOlympics course.

Check out the information below for more details on the Yacht Race event, the high school students who participated in the event, and the final results.

The Event

In this event, teams designed, built, and programmed a robot to do laps around a designated course.

Two robot "yachts" were on the course at the same time, heading in opposite directions. An "island" in the middle of the course made things more difficult: if the robot rolled over the black part of the "island," the robot had to stop or be disqualified.

Winners were determined on speed, if the robot made it all the way around the course, or on farthest distance, if the robot did not make it all the way around.

The Teams

Several Nebraska high schools sent teams to this ROBOlympics trial event. Current Doane students were also on hand to lend assistance to the teams.

The teams and their high schools are shown below.

Banner County

Ryan, Nathan, and Brett

Bruning Davenport

Brandon, Bobby, and Joshua



Will, Josh, and Brandon

David City

Thomas, Kyle, and Aaron


Jesse, Aaron, and Danny

Lincoln Northstar

Vincent and David

Nebraska City 01

Neil, Drew, Caleb, and Kiel

Nebraska City 10

Ronnie, Jacob, and Aaron

Omaha Central

Daniel, Jomarcell, and Amrit

Omaha South 01

Royce, Jedidiah, and Ben

Omaha South 10

Sam and Amanda

West Point C. C.

Ross and James

The Results

Time Trial Results

Time trials were used to seed the tournament. During the time trial, each 'bot had the course to itself. In the table below, times indicate 'bots that made a complete lap of the course, while fractions indicate the distance traveled by 'bots that did not make a full lap.

Place Team Time or Distance
1 David City 6 seconds
2 Omaha South 01 8 seconds
3 Crete 23 seconds
4 West Point CC 5/8+
5 Omaha South 10 5/8
6 Omaha Central 3/4
7 Lincoln Northstar 1/2+
8 Banner County 1/2
9 Nebraska City 01 1/4
10 Bruning Davenport 1/5
11 Nebraska City 10 1/8
12 Fullerton 1/8-

Tournament Results

Based on the time trial results, 'bots were seeded into a double-elimination tournament. During the tournament, two 'bots competed in each match, one 'bot traveling in each direction around the course.

Place Team Record (W - L)
1 David City 4 - 0
2 Crete 5 - 2
3 Omaha South 01 3 - 2
4 Banner County 3 - 2
5 Omaha South 10 2 - 2
  Lincoln Northstar 2 - 2
7 Nebraska City 01 1 - 2
  West Point CC 1 - 2
9 Omaha Central 1 - 2
10 Fullerton 0 - 2
  Bruning Davenport 0 - 2
  Nebraska City 10 0 - 2


Photo gallery

Below are some photos from the day.

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