ROBOlympics trial: The Yacht Race

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The Doane College Department of Information Science and Technology hosted the third ROBOlympics trial event on Wednesday, March 12, 2003. Trial events are used to prototype the robotics challenges that are used in the annual ROBOlympics course.

Check out the information below for more details on the Yacht Race event, the high school students who participated in the event, and the final results.

The Event

In the Yacht Race event, teams must construct and program robots that can compete in an "out-and-back" style race. Since Lego robots don't float and we don't have access to the Doane pool, we will build wheeled robots and let the Lied Science Building hallway serve as the "harbor" for the Yacht Race.

From a dead stop at the start / finish line, each robot must race forward, turn around a "buoy" at the half-way point, and then race back to the start / finish line.

Two runs will be made for each robot. Rankings will be based on the shortest average time required for the two runs. Robots unable to complete an out-turn-back sequence (i.e., 'bots that don't finish a run) will have the distance traveled measured (in floor tiles) and whether or not the turn was made. These will be used to break ties.

Video of a sample run (5 mb)

The Teams

Several Nebraska high schools sent teams to this ROBOlympics trial event. Current Doane students were also on hand to lend assistance to the teams.

The teams and their high schools are shown below.


Steve Brumbaugh
Jeff Jackson
Marcus Paczosa

Sponsor: Marie Nielsen

Broken Bow

Matt Albin
Ellen Christen
Douglas Hoff


Crete/Lincoln Christian

Paul Bartunek
Gabe Heppner
Gabe Vavra


Grand Island

Brian Becker
Andrew Follmer
Jacob Schroeder

Sponsor: Heidy Boyd

Grand Island

Alicia Kuhlman
Amy Moss
Valerie Williams

Sponsor: Heidy Boyd

Lincoln Christian

Allen Gilbert
Philip Hamilton
Andy Heiser

Sponsor: Walt Hamilton


Neal Bartels
Chet Henry

Sponsor: Doris DeWald

Nemaha Valley

Dan Campbell
Travis Effken
Alicia Pursey

Sponsor: Jane Antholz

Oakland-Craig senior

Chase Beltz
Michael Bray
Theresa Carl

Sponsor: Linda Bray

Oakland-Craig juniors

Alex Anderson
Dustin Lindstrom
Ashley Peterson

Sponsor: Linda Bray

Parkview Christian

Daniel Garcia
Jessica Harrigan
Ibraim Soltonbaev

Sponsor: Don Gilliand


The Results

The results of the Yacht Race event are shown below. Click on the team name field to see video of the team's robot in action. (Videos are around 2.5Mb each, so please be patient :)

Run 1
Run 2
Crete/Lincoln Christian 9.63 seconds 9.56 seconds
completed course
9.71 seconds
completed course
Lincoln Christian n/a 11.65 seconds
completed course
29.5 tiles
made turn
Grand Island boys n/a 13.11 seconds
completed course
36.5 tiles
made turn
Oakland-Craig juniors n/a 10.72 seconds
completed course
19.5 tiles
did not make turn
Meridian n/a 22.99 seconds
completed course
19.5 tiles
did not make turn
Broken Bow n/a 19.5 tiles
did not make turn
29.5 tiles
made turn
Grand Island girls n/a 29.5 tiles
made turn
10 tiles
did not make turn
Elba n/a 19.5 tiles 19.5 tiles
Nemaha Valley n/a 19.5 tiles 19.5 tiles
Parkview Christian n/a 19.5 tiles 19.5 tiles
Oakland-Craig seniors n/a 'bot went bad 'bot went bad

Photo gallery

Below are some photos from the day.

Working in the electronics lab

Meridian doing some testing

Crete/Lincoln Christian testing their 'bot

Broken Bow discussing design

Lincoln Christian getting some advice

Parkview Christian working together

Oakland-Craig seniors did have a good 'bot !

Testing in the hall
(tilt your head)

First place team
Crete/Lincoln Christian

Second place team
Grand Island boys

Second place team
Lincoln Christian

Third place team
Oakland-Craig juniors

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