ROBOlympics ‘10: Snow Plow
It is a time-honored tradition, after all.
You are a teenager, and you live in Nebraska. It’s pretty likely that you have helped dig out a neighbor or a friend after a big snow storm. Maybe you even earned some money at it.
This year, though, you’re going to step up your game. You’re going to do a lot of snow clearing -- for a reasonable fee, of course -- and you’re going to save your money.
Snow, dig, save, repeat, until eventually you have saved enough money for it. You know, IT. That one thing that you simply must have, but can’t afford right now. Provided there is enough snow to dig, you will have it.
Thankfully, you are also resourceful, and so you plan to create a labor-saving device that will do all of the work for you.
Oh, yeah. A robot snow plow. Bring it, Mother Nature!