ROBOlympics trial: The Round Up

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The Doane College Department of Information Science and Technology hosted the sixth high school ROBOlympics trial event on Wednesday, November 15, 2006. Trial events are used to prototype the robotics challenges that are used in the annual ROBOlympics course.

Check out the information below for more details on the Round Up event, the high school students who participated in the event, and the final results.

The Event

In this event, teams designed, built, and programmed a robot to capture a run-away robot named "Bessie."

Bessie could be captured by tapping her "hat switch" or by whispering a secret number to Bessie.

Each robot had two chances to capture Bessie. Each run was limited to a maximum of two minutes. The team who captured Bessie in the shortest time won. Ties were broken based on how many times a team put Bessie to sleep by touching her front bumper.

The Teams

Several Nebraska high schools sent teams to this ROBOlympics trial event. Current Doane students were also on hand to lend assistance to the teams.

The teams and their high schools are shown below.


Heather, Rem, and Cody


Josh, Will, and Chris

Elba 01

Jordon, Dustin, Travis, and Dustin

Elba 10

Tyler, Brian, Eric, and Joanne

Elba 11

Joseph, Jed, Carlos, Joel, and Josh

Lincoln Northstar

Brendan, Jon, and Jordan

Newman Grove

Dusin, Matt, and Preston


Cale, Alex, Gabe, and Kyle

Omaha Central

Dann, Ben, and Everett

Rising City

Tyler, Joey, and Austion


Aubrey and Matt

St. Paul

AJ, Brad, and David

The Results

Place Team Run 1 Time/Sleeps Run 2 Time/Sleeps
1 Newman Grove 9.5/1 3.14/0
2 Elba II 4.88/1 3.3/1
3 Elba 10 0/2 5.98/1
4 St. Paul 0/0 18.35/0
5 Omaha Central 0/0 0/8
6 Rising City 0/0 0/5
7 Shelby 0/0 0/4
8 Elba 01 0/0 0/3
Lincoln North Star 0/1 0/2
Norris 0/0 0/3
11 Bruning Davenport 0/0 0/2
12 Crete 0/0 0/1


Photo gallery

Below are some photos from the day.

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