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The Doane College Department of Information Science and Technology hosted the fourth ROBOlympics trial event on Wednesday, November 19, 2003. Trial events are used to prototype the robotics challenges that are used in the annual ROBOlympics course. The key to making this event successful is that students have fun and learn something about robotics, programming, problem-solving, and working as a team. Another purpose is to get the students to consider studying computers in college and to pursue a career in information technology.

Check out the information below for more details on the Dartboard event, the high school students who participated in the event, and the final results.

The Event

In the Dartboard event, teams constructed and programmed robots to "throw a dart". Because we didn't want to be liable for injuries caused by projectiles flying around the room, the robots themselves were the dart.

From a dead stop at one end our robot world, each robot had to race forward, find the target, stop on the target, and play a tune. The target had three rings. A bullseye was worth 5 points, the next ring 3 points, and the outer ring 1 point.

Three throws were given for each robot. Rankings were based on the most points accumulated in the three throws. Points were awarded based on where the light sensor was shining. The total amount of time taken to hit the target also was kept in order to break ties.

The Teams

Several Nebraska high schools sent teams to this ROBOlympics trial event. Current Doane students were also on hand to lend assistance to the teams.

The teams and their high schools are shown below.

Omaha South

Thomas Knipe
Jeremy Blake
Zach Baughman
Benjamin Meier

Sponsor: Veronica Huerta

Brownell Talbot

Raphael Cherney
Mark Mercier

Sponsor: Leslie Demmert

Bellevue West

Mike Patterson
A.J. Newmaster
Robert Calinowski

Sponsor: Susan Hester

Bellevue East

Brandon Rolston
Sarah Edwards
Scott Stewart

Sponsor: Susan Hester

Parkview Christian #2

Anna Garcia
Eugene Kim
Jeff Detweiler

Sponsor: Don Gilliand

Spalding Academy #2

David Hitchler
Robbie Scheef
Paul Bauer
Ashley Mittan

Sponsor: Paula Hartley


Mason Burson
Jeff Jackson

Sponsor: Marie Nielsen


Amanda Penner
LeAndro Gamoz
Lynx Gardener
Sabrina Sample

Sponsor: Joe Kupper


Tiffany Trauernicht
Wade Thornburg
A.J. Wiese

Sponsor: Brenda Gronewold

Parkview Christian #1

Alyssa Elwood
Tanya Tereshenko
Jeff Bobbet
Kari Skinner

Sponsor: Don Gilliand

Spalding Academy #1

Jacod Esch
Brett Thome
Chad Kasperbauer

Sponsor: Paula Hartley

Hastings St. Cecilia

Kayla B.
Zach D.
Mike B.

Sponsor: Tracy Adrian

Pawnee City

Laura Poskochil
Brian Bailey
Bill Laun

Sponsor: Gregg Robke

The Results

The results of the Dartboard event are shown below. Click on the team name field to see video of the team's robot in action. (Videos are from 3-5 MB in size)

Throw 1 (points/time)
Throw 2 (points/time)
Throw 3 (points/time)
Brownell Talbot 5 points/3 seconds 5 points/4 seconds 5 points/2 seconds
Arthur 5 points/5 seconds 5 points/5 seconds 5 points/4 seconds
Parkview Christian #2 3 points/14 seconds 5 points/13 seconds 5 points/8 seconds
Hastings St. Cecilia 5 points/2 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 5 points/1 seconds
Spalding Academy #2 5 points/14 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 5 points/8 seconds
Pawnee City 0 points/15 seconds 3 points/5 seconds 5 points/4 seconds
Omaha South 0 points/15 seconds 1 points/3 seconds 3 points/2 seconds
Beatrice 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 3 points/6 seconds
Elba 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds
Parkview Christian #1 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds
Spalding Academy #1 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds
Bellevue East 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds
Bellevue West 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds 0 points/15 seconds

Photo gallery

Below are some photos from the day.

Building the 'bots

Programming the 'bots

Showing some teamwork

More work in the classroom

Testing the 'bot

Ready for competition!

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